About us


Who am I?

My name is Abhishek Arora, a guy who belongs to a middle class family situated in India. I started vlogging as my profession in 23rd sep, 2020. I travel many different travel destinations till now with very great experiences.

I am the guy who have experience of being Graduate without proper study, Have a experience of owning the retail garments store at the age of 19, experience of Investing in stock market and right now i am learning to create better and better Content.

How did that happen?

When the first wave of corona came then most of the businesses were shut due to lockdown, except those who deals in daily needs products or healthcare type. In that time I was also free from my store and had nothing special to do.

And because of my habit of keep learning, I watched videos on Youtube most of the times or searching on Google. Due to this I came to know about travel vlogging, before I was not aware about it. By watching travel vlog i was just feel amazed. Because i always wanted to do that thing, but i was not aware about the possibility of this in all these social media platforms. I only thought that Man Vs wild can only be possible with Discovery or National Geographic type T.V Channels.

I love to travel and due to that love, I decided to choose vlogging as a profession without research on the different aspects of it. I did not know anything about how to capture great photos, record the videos, editing the video, design thumbnail or even designing the web. But I decided that i will definitely do this thing. I saw this only option to fulfil my wish to travel the world and also to earn a good amount of money. (and i was thinking it would be easy).

Finally, that happened

I planned a budget for camera, camera accessories, biking gears and safety gears. I just wanted to do that, so i did what i feel right and invest a good amount of money in all these.

When I started my journey to creating Travel Vlog, then I didn’t know anything about the setting of camera angles, which frame to record and all. I only mounted the Gopro to my Helmet and had my first vlogging trip to Haridwar & Rishikesh. By getting good reviews for start, I am still on my journey to create better content and i learned many things till now, creating this web-page is also one of the part of it.